LEのロールプレイング/Roll Playing at LE


After a month of weekly meetings our LE seemed to be doing well. We enjoyed getting together every week to practice conversations and learn new words. After a while though エリ and I wanted to try studying something that might help if we found ourselves in a difficult situation. We wanted to practice scenarios that rarely come up in textbooks.


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LEの遠足〜ヤギを追いかけて〜/LE Field Trip〜Chasing Goats〜

TractorOne of our weekly language exchange topics is a discussion of what we did over the weekend. Trying to tell a story in a different language is a challenge, even when I bring a lot of notes!


I would often talk about going for hikes in the local Open Spaces around town, which are large parks that the city maintains with the help of three rangers. There are four main Open Spaces in our town and I try to go hiking at one of them once a week. I always find it peaceful and relaxing.

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ウォームアップ単語クイズ/Warm Up Word Quiz



☆日本語チームが英語の単語を説明するバージョン 「sweet」

☆Team Japanese will try to describe a word in English “sweet”

エリ:This is an adjective. It describes a taste or flavor.

パト:Like salty or bitter?

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私たちのLE1/About Our LE1


A few days before our first language exchange, I realized that I had no idea what a language exchange actually was. All I knew was that we were supposed to spend time speaking to each other in both languages. I wanted to find out if there were any general rules or guidelines, so I did some research before our first meeting.


I found a blog post about a Spanish and English language exchange that followed very strict rules regarding the amount of time spent talking in each language. They would set up a timer and as soon as it went off they would switch languages. They even switched in mid-sentence!


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LE初日/First Day of LE


※色付きの単語にマウスポインタを合わせると、意味がポップアップされます。(パソコンのみ)When you hover over the shaded words with your mouse pointer, the meaning will appear. 

私達がLE(Language Exchange)を始めるきっかけを作ってくれたのは、サンフランシスコで日本語を教えていたN先生でした。当時、ESL(語学学校)で英語を勉強していた私と友人のために、日本語クラスの生徒の中でLEに興味がある人がいないかを聞いてくれたのです。

I was taking a weekly Japanese class that N Sensei taught. It was a fun class, but we were losing a lot of students. Just before our class stopped meeting, N Sensei told us that she had met some people who were interested in starting a language exchange.

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