Talking Turkey!

cartoon-304650_1280パト: Happy Thanksgiving, エリ!

エリ: サンクスギビングですね。

パト: Are you cooking a turkey this year?

エリ: この前両親が日本からテキサスへ遊びに来て、その時にターキーを焼いたから今年のサンクスギビングは近所のレストランで料理を注文したよ。

パト: So you had your turkey dinner a little early. I’m not having many guests this year, so I’m just cooking a small turkey breast.

エリ: 家でサンクスギビングのパーティーをするの?

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バイリンガル ブッククラブ/Bilingual Book Club



This time we’re going post something a little different. It’s a conversation that エリ and I had about the reading class that she is taking at Austin Community College. She recently finished a short story by the author R.A. Sasaki that might be of interest to people studying Japanese or English.

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