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言語好きのエリ&パトが、面白いと思った英語・日本語の言い回しや、2人が知り合うきっかけとなったLanguage Exchangeの中で行ったアクティビティーや勉強法なども紹介していきたいと思います。


◎Language Exchangeとは・・・?



Welcome to The Exchange!

This blog is managed by Eri (a native Japanese speaker) and myself (a native English speaker).  Generally, Eri writes in Japanese and I write in English.  Not everything in this blog is translated, but if you don’t understand something, you will most likely be able to guess the meaning by reading the sections written in your native language.  We are both interested in languages, and hope to share some interesting English and Japanese phrases, as well as some of the activities and study methods that we used in our Language Exchange.

We try to choose topics that we think will be useful for studying and hope that you enjoy reading them.

So what is a Language Exchange…?

It’s a meeting between people who want to learn one another’s language where they each become student and teacher.


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