LEの遠足〜ヤギを追いかけて〜/LE Field Trip〜Chasing Goats〜

TractorOne of our weekly language exchange topics is a discussion of what we did over the weekend. Trying to tell a story in a different language is a challenge, even when I bring a lot of notes!


I would often talk about going for hikes in the local Open Spaces around town, which are large parks that the city maintains with the help of three rangers. There are four main Open Spaces in our town and I try to go hiking at one of them once a week. I always find it peaceful and relaxing.


Since the Open Spaces are close to the library where we meet, we decided to go on a hiking field trip. I suggested that we visit a place called Old Borges Ranch for our first field trip. The ranch is in a valley in the Mt. Diablo foothills and has several hiking trails that wind through the hills of Shell Ridge. One of the Open Space rangers lives at the ranch, which is also home to several farm animals that are cared for by a local youth organization.

ranchハイキングに詳しいパトに行き先を決めてもらい、最初の遠足はOld Borges Ranch(オールド・ボージェス・ランチ)という農場の近くのトレールへ行ってみることになりました。事前にある程度話すことを決めて行ういつものLEとは違い、リラックスした雰囲気で会話ができると思い、楽しみにしていました。

After meeting at a nearby shopping center, we rode to the ranch together and parked across from one of the pens. The gates to the pen are unlocked during the day so people can enter and get a good look at the sheep, goats, chickens and other animals.

初回の遠足は近くのショッピングモールで待ち合わせをし、Gさんの車でみんなでOld Borges Ranchに向かいました。車の中でも色々と話をすることができ、楽しかったです。Old Borges Ranchには羊、ヤギ、鶏など色々な動物が居て、囲いの中に入って間近で動物を見ることもできました。

Unfortunately, while we were walking through the gate, one of the goats decided to escape. He ran straight to the flowers at the side of ranger’s house and started to eat them. I followed him over to the flowerbed and after a few failed attempts, managed to grab him by the collar. I lead him back to the gate and my language exchange friends and I got him into the pen. Chasing after goats is good exercise!


GoatA few weeks later I saw the ranger while out hiking and told him about our adventure with the goat. He said that the goat had gotten very good at escaping and that it happened all the time.

We spent a little more time with the animals and then started up the trail to Shell Ridge. Once you reach the top of the first hill, you can see Suisun Bay where the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers meet.

ヤギを無事に囲いへ戻し、動物たちと少し戯れて遊んだ後にShell Ridge(シェル・リッジ)のトレールへ向かいました。往復約1時間ほどのハイキングです。

meadowAs we made our way further along the trail we came across dozens of cows grazing in the meadows along the trail. It’s not uncommon to see cows in Shell Ridge because the city allows ranchers to graze their cattle there. Still, it can be surprising to suddenly see a herd of cattle when you’re not expecting it.


CowOnce we were past the cows, the trail narrowed and came to the bottom of a steep hill. This was the toughest part of the hike, but everyone made it to the top with no problem.

From the hilltop there is a spectacular view of Castle Rock, a jagged sandstone rock formation at the foot of Mt. Diablo.

最後の急な坂道をみんなでヒーヒー言いながら登り、上からCastle Rock(キャッスル・ロック)の景色を見下ろした時には、とてもキレイで感動しました。みんなで一緒にやり遂げた達成感もありました。

Castle RockWe stopped at a bench and relaxed for a few minutes before heading back to the parking lot. Everyone seemed to enjoy our first field trip, and I was already looking forward to the next one.




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