LE初日/First Day of LE


※色付きの単語にマウスポインタを合わせると、意味がポップアップされます。(パソコンのみ)When you hover over the shaded words with your mouse pointer, the meaning will appear. 

私達がLE(Language Exchange)を始めるきっかけを作ってくれたのは、サンフランシスコで日本語を教えていたN先生でした。当時、ESL(語学学校)で英語を勉強していた私と友人のために、日本語クラスの生徒の中でLEに興味がある人がいないかを聞いてくれたのです。

I was taking a weekly Japanese class that N Sensei taught. It was a fun class, but we were losing a lot of students. Just before our class stopped meeting, N Sensei told us that she had met some people who were interested in starting a language exchange.


Since our class had ended, some of my classmates and I thought that a language exchange would be a good way to keep learning Japanese.


I asked N Sensei to give my e-mail address to the person who was interested so we could set up our meeting. Before long I received an e-mail from Eri and the two of us arranged our first meeting.



We planned to meet at the library at 10 AM, but I was nervous so I arrived a little early. I parked my car and walked to the entrance but the doors were still locked. While I was waiting for the library to open my two classmates arrived and we decided to walk over to the Library Cafe to see if we could find the other members of our group.

パト達とはミーティングルームで会うと思っていたので、カフェに3人が突然現れた時には驚きました。慌てて簡単に自己紹介をし、「Nice to meet you.」と言って、握手をしたような気がします。

The three of us entered the library cafe and spotted two people sitting at a table who looked like they might be our language exchange counterparts. We went over and found out that our guess was correct. After we made our introductions, we headed up to the meeting room.3575000735_6ba08467d9_bLEは全員が初体験だったので、初日にやることを事前にパトと少しだけメールでやり取りをしていました。日本人の私たちは英語で自己紹介をし、アメリカ人の3人は日本語で自己紹介をしてくれました。趣味の話などもしました。初回の2時間は、あっという間に過ぎていきました。

I was really nervous when we got to the meeting room. Even though it was a cool January day, the room felt uncomfortably warm. I thought that Eri’s English was really good when we made our introductions, so I was worried that there was too much of a gap in our skill levels for things to go well.


Fortunately, after we all got to know one another I was able to relax and enjoy our first language exchange. Things went so well that we wound up meeting nearly every week for the next five months!



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