LEの遠足〜ヤギを追いかけて〜/LE Field Trip〜Chasing Goats〜

TractorOne of our weekly language exchange topics is a discussion of what we did over the weekend. Trying to tell a story in a different language is a challenge, even when I bring a lot of notes!


I would often talk about going for hikes in the local Open Spaces around town, which are large parks that the city maintains with the help of three rangers. There are four main Open Spaces in our town and I try to go hiking at one of them once a week. I always find it peaceful and relaxing.

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「間違いを恐れない」って言うけれど。。。/Don’t be afraid to make mistakes…?





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バンクーバー旅行記④/Greetings from Vancouver vol.4


It’s my last night in Canada before flying home. I spent most of the day in Victoria before taking the ferry back to the mainland. This morning I took a short taxi ride to the eastern side of the city to see Craigdarroch Castle. The castle was built in the late 1800’s by Robert Dunsmuir. He came to Vancouver Island from Scotland as a young man and became wealthy after discovering a large coal deposit. He never spent a night in the castle because died before it was completed.


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バンクーバー旅行記③/Greetings from Vancouver vol.3


I’m writing to you from Victoria, the capitol of British Columbia. This morning I took a ferry across the Georgia Straight (ジョージア海峡) to Vancouver Island. It was a little chilly(ひんやり) on the deck of the ferry, but the views were spectacular(壮観).


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バンクーバー旅行記②/Greetings from Vancouver vol.2


Today I drove north from Vancouver to the other side of the Burrard Inlet to explore some of the parks on the North Shore. After stopping for a quick breakfast, I headed to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The park is named for a 450 foot long suspension bridge that crosses 230 feet above the Capilano River. The bridge swayed back and forth a lot more than I expected!


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バンクーバー旅行記①/Greetings from Vancouver vol.1



Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia. This is my first trip to Western Canada.  It’s a very beautiful place with a long shoreline and rugged mountains in the distance.

When I go to a city that I haven’t been to before, one of the first things I like to do is see it from above, so my first stop today was to the Vancouver Lookout. In the picture below you can see part of Stanley Park, covered with trees in Vancouver Harbor.

Lookoutというのは、高いところから見渡すことができる場所のことです。スタンレーパークは、真ん中の島になっているところかな? 私はバンクーバーには行ったことがありませんが、キレイな町ですね。

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ウォームアップ単語クイズ/Warm Up Word Quiz



☆日本語チームが英語の単語を説明するバージョン 「sweet」

☆Team Japanese will try to describe a word in English “sweet”

エリ:This is an adjective. It describes a taste or flavor.

パト:Like salty or bitter?

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